my ascent into adulthood



My isometric project I had to do on illustrator for my digital illustration class a couple weeks ago. I actually ended up liking this one even though I stayed up until 8 in the morning working on this. School work just always makes me crave sushi.


If only it were that easy to calm Rin down like that.

I love the fact that killer whales know that sharks go into a coma state when upside down so they just flip them over for fun sometimes. then eat them.










I’m never throwing a cigarette butt on the ground again. Holy shit.

omfg nooo :(

this makes me feel 100 times worse as a smoker… never littering again, sorry little guy :/

OK, so I was curious whether or not this was a, say, wild rabbit, real rabbit, or even a lab testing rabbit. I reverse-image-searched, and found a really AWESOME campaign.


They say,
"Cigarette Butts feed the unsuspecting."

"Cigarette Butts don’t go away"

"Cigarette Filters are commonly mistaken for food by many animals. These filters have been determined to toxic waste to humans through ingestion of meat products., ultimately exposing the consumer to deadly chemicals like ammonia and cadmium."

"What goes around, comes around. Don’t litter your cigarette butts"

Clearly the campaign is working, there are multiple reblogs like, “oh poor bunny, I’ll never litter again” and that is AWESOME!! 

I just wish the campaign words stayed with it. 

I feel like such a piece of shit after reading this

Ashtrays are literally everywhere how hard is it to walk to one and throw it away jfc

This is why I throw mine away properly. But I am guilty of tossing them on the ground.

Reblogging again for the info of the campaign

I’m so sad :( I hate people.